Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I only have three days left to work at my job.  It's a strange sensation, but I guess it's been a long time coming.  I have no doubts now about the decision I've made to "leave the work-force."  Immediately after the wife started her new job, she's been getting home way later than would be acceptable for me to get to my own job on time.  

Caricaturing has been absolutely the most fun I've ever had at a job, and it will be hard to leave that behind.  It has also been, I think, the least profitable job I've ever had.  I was assured that the reason I didn't make any money was because I wasn't selling myself well enough.  There's some truth in that; I didn't hire on to plead with passing strangers to let me draw silly pictures of them.  That being said, however, after three years I was still getting almost exclusively the worst caricaturing locations Disney World has to offer, while I watched several artists hired after me raise quickly through the ranks.  
I compared my numbers to my co-workers' numbers after every shift.  Far more often than not, I was among the top-sellers.  So there's that.
I sometimes wonder whether my being one of the only people involved with the company that wasn't a mega-Christian had something to do with the location purgatory I was subjected to.  This atmosphere always made things very uncomfortable for me.  I sometimes felt like an undercover journalist asked to penetrate the ranks of a cult.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Hell, I was asked during my interview if I went to church.

Anyway, who knows?  When my kid starts kindergarten, maybe I'll go get a part-time job at McDonald's and make some real money.

We're going to those Japanese gardens this weekend.  I cannot wait.  So, Jason, could you post the SSS this Saturday?  That'd be great.  Hey, that rhymed.

Don't forget, guys and gals, starting very soon, Super U. goes tri-weekly!  I mean, I ain't gonna have shit else to do!  So help me get the word out so, you know, I don't die poverty and obscurity!  No pressure.