Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Jump-Off

Spring Break has officially sprung, which means that I've been insanely busy with my actual job, so this week's strip almost didn't happen.  You may notice that not quite as much effort went into it this week.  Nevertheless, I deemed it more important to put out something rather than hold out for next week in the hopes that I could put out something even better next week, primarily because there's no guarantee I'll be any less busy then.

Which brings me to my big news.  My wife got her long-awaited promotion, which is good.  The part that makes it tricky is that now that she's salary, I can no longer expect her to arrive home precisely when I need to leave for work.  See, that's what we've been doing for the last three years.  She gets home from work, and I literally say, "there is ___  in the fridge," I kiss her goodbye, and then I haul ass out the door to get to work.  This has been the general quantity / quality of my adult interaction for three years.

Seeing as how I can no longer get to work on time, I'm left with two options.  A.) I be late for pretty much all of my shifts, and eventually this gets discovered and I get fired, or B.) I quit my job.  So I went for the latter.  Perhaps when Rinoa starts Kindergarten I'll have some time freed up to get something part-time, but until then I'll be completing my transition into stay-at-home dad and out-of-work artist.

But none of that is the news of which I spoke.  Starting in a few weeks, Super U. is going tri-weekly!  Saturday Super Stories will continue on Saturdays, but Super U. strips will be put up on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Yes, I'm essentially putting all my chips on the table for Super U.  I'm making a huge gamble, and that is putting all of my efforts into Super U. to make it my one and only occupation and the focus of all my artistic endeavors.  I realize this is a very stupid thing to do, considering, I think, since the beginning of Super U., this project has managed to amass me the fortune of somewhere around $3.  But I am going to take that $3, and put it into advertising, which, in theory, will bring in more hits to the site, which will then allow me to put more into advertising.  With any luck, this cycle will continue until eventually I can something resembling a small profit.  At that point, perhaps I can introduce merchandise.  

This is kind of opportunity that is only possible if you either A.) Live at home with your parents, or B.) Your significant other just got a promotion that brings in the money the two of you used to make combined.  I realize that.  I'm still holding out on the hope that, in time, Super U. will produce enough profit that it will be something I can be proud to tell others.  When they ask me, "What do you do for a living," I can say, grinning from ear-to-ear, "I'm a webcomic artist."

None of this, of course, will be possible without you guys.  I'm really going to need your help here.  Now more than ever, really.  Help me to get the word out about Super U, especially to your entrepreneurial friends who like to throw money at things.

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