Tuesday, April 9, 2013


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If you haven't seen the "Hadoken-ing" pictures coming out of Japan yet, they're good for a laugh for a few minutes.  Which, really, what else is the internet for if not to fill the gaps of your day looking at pictures (i.e. cats) that amuse you?  That, and brutally, blindly insulting your political enemies.  Anyway, that was the inspiration for the second panel.

A useful practice I've begun while creating the strip is no longer trying to make the third or fourth panel the "punchline."  I just try to interject humor elsewhere, and it's made it easier to tell the actual story, allowing me to end with something like ominous foreshadowing, as seen above.  I realized having to end on a punchline every time is just a way webcomic artists are limiting themselves.  I don't think the strip is any less entertaining for it.

In the middle of this month I need to miss out on a strip or two, for I am venturing north to see family, in particular my grandpa, who isn't doing so well.  Ironically, I'll be arriving on the birthday of my other grandpa who recently past.  
However, I intend not to leave you empty-handed, for the incomparable Mason Wimmer is feverishly producing more guest-artwork for your eyeballs to feast upon.

There's approximately 15 strips left in this chapter before I pause to YouTubify it, and I'm working on some new things in that area.  I couldn't monetize Chapter One on YouTube because I wasn't responsible for 100% of the content, namely the music.  I'm hoping to fix that this time around, and as I've mentioned before, I also created Chapter 2 in such a way that each panel can be featured individually in movie format, allowing for all kinds of nifty things, like camera pans and scans and zooms.

I reactivated my old Twitter account that I never used, and I'm going to try to use it to promote the comic.  Also, I've had to further scale-back on the advertising, but I've streamlined it, so I'm still getting a lot of new activity on the site.  But I still need your help!  Please share on your preferred social network, and hey, if you can, there's that donate button up there, too.

All in all, it's still an exciting time to be unemployed.