Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Archrival: Part 2

I noticed when I post early in the AM, as opposed to, say, after the sun is up, I get more views, so that's what I'm doing now.  The downside is that at this time of night I'm accustomed to passing out in the lazyboy, causing my video game character to charge endlessly into a wall, and so my brain is not so much for the blogging.

Hope you're digging the change of pace with the with this story arc.  I like how this one turned out.

I'm advertising on Chainsawsuit.com again, as well as running an ad campaign, so welcome all you new viewers!  Why don't you stay a while?  There's a veggie tray and punch.

I like to think that Super U. puts the "comics" back in webcomics.  There's an incalculable shitload of webcomics out there, lots of them good, but honestly I've found too few that put much effort into their artwork, fewer still that have a narrative, and next to none that resemble traditional superhero comics.  Granted, the "superheroicness" of my characters is debatable at best (hell, even my "narrative" is debatable), but you know what I mean.

So yeah, I'm tired so I'm just going to leave it at that.  Please remember to share on your preferred social media whatsit, leave some comments, whatever.  And hey, there's a donate button up there!  You could help a brother out, or even pay me for some commission work!  It's true!  That can actually be a thing that happens.