Thursday, October 10, 2013

Trying New Things

I made the thumbnail very small on this one, so hopefully nothing is spoiled.  I made myself laugh a lot drawing this one.  Read the comic before the blog, too.

Kudos to Jason for the Hello Kitty underwear idea.  I knew Aiden was either going to be wearing ridiculous underwear or be buck-naked with someone's shoulder or something blocking the view of the naughty bits, but Jason suggested Hello Kitty underwear during our Google Hangout yesterday and I knew it had to be done.

Speaking of Google Hangouts, did you know that I've been doing them quite often while I draw the comic?  Well, I have.  If you want to watch any of the previous Hangouts, you can see them on my Google+ page.  Come chat with me while I'm drawing.  I'm lonely.

Poor Aiden's always on a desperate journey to discover himself.  This is something most of us can relate to, but not, I think, on the level of a guy who's lost his memory countless times over the course of hundreds of years and been forced to reinvent himself over and over.  This time around (at least, for now), Aiden's decided he should really be pursuing the superhero angle.  SPOILER: It probably won't work out too well for him.

This is clarification more for myself than anything, but I wanted to shed some light on Aiden's immortal curse.  When Aiden dies, he loses the details of his life, but he retains general knowledge of history and the world.  Each time, he starts at square one concerning personal traits as well, so any amount of training he's pursued or talents he's honed go right out the window.  So, he can still make cultural references, but he can (and does) forget about that last fifteen years he spent mastering the lute.

This is what makes Daemon integral to Aiden's life.  He's been there since Aiden's first resurrection, to point him in (usually) the right direction.  Of course, this has gotten pretty tedious for Daemon, so he does his best to have fun with the whole thing.  Time Lass, their sister Meghan, has taken a more hands-off approach, but we'll see more about that soon...
Of course, it's all rather more complicated than that, but you'll just have to stay tuned if you want the whole story.