Thursday, November 14, 2013


My wife made me aware that Super U. just had it's two-year anniversary.  And by "just" I mean 12 days ago.  Oops!  I had intended to make a big announcement and stuff, but it slipped my mind.
So, yeah.  Super U. is two years old this month!  104 strips isn't a staggering amount of material for two years worth of work, but I like to look at how far the strip has come since then.  

In that time I've managed to do almost everything I've set out to do.  I've got the website looking sharper (I would still like to improve navigation, but I'm pretty restricted using Blogspot), I have merchandise for sale (including an actual book), I'm social media'ing, advertising, I have business cards, and I've gone bi-weekly (tri-weekly if you count the Walters Files).

There's still a lot more to be accomplished, but that's not entirely up to me; it's also up to you.  I need your help spreading the Super U. love.  Help me to make this thing successful.

As an addendum, people have asked my why I'm on Blogspot and not Wordpress or the like.  The fact of the matter is I was, and am still, technically, but nobody was going to that site.  Everyone was going here.  So I'm banking pretty heavily on this whole one-Google thing, more specifically the connectedness of Google, Google+, Blogspot, YouTube and so on.  I don't particularly like it, but I'm trying to reap any sort of benefit I can from it.  I'm attempting to work within the system Google put in place.
It's not out of the question that I may potentially one day move all of this material over to a more professional location, but for now, here's as good as anywhere.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, etc... I'd love to hear it.