Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I shit you not, I've had the image of that third panel stuck in my head for, like, a decade.  Probably more.  Damn it felt good to get that out of there.
Granted, when I first conceived of the Ravenswood children, all of those years ago, Aiden and Time Lass were very different.  Different characters, in fact.  Aiden was called Kaine, and he was all of the cool and none of the goofy; he was more or less just a rip-off of Kwai Chang Caine.  Time Lass wasn't a time-jumping kleptomaniac at all; she was a witch called East with blonde and green hair, and personality-wise, she was pretty flat.  I'm happy with the way things have evolved.
As a random aside, if I had known how immensely popular the name "Aiden" would become, I would have picked something else.

I've been following @Sketch_Dailies on the Twooter for a couple of days now.  If you like drawrings I highly recommend it.  I really want to get involved; I know I should be drawing more, not just a few times a week.  I don't even have a real job, and I still can't conceive of how I'd have time for that, though.  Plus, there's so many talented artists contributing on a daily basis, it's intimidating; a daily reminder of how far I still have to go.

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