Thursday, March 6, 2014


I haven't managed to make all these funny, but I think I've at least been able to keep them interesting.  The story of the Ravenswood siblings is one that I've pieced together over a long time, and it's one that is best told in tiny increments over a long period.  Because it's long.  More than once I've tried to sit down and actually work out a timeline for the whole thing.  I have this sort of "Forrest Gump" approach to their background; I like to think that the siblings have been there / done that, and that they've been involved in one way or another in several major historical events.
I've since thrown the timeline out the window, though, and taken the easy way out, and made one of the siblings able to manipulate time.  There, now I don't have to have a reason why they'd be in ancient Greece.

I noticed yesterday that I sold a couple of Alien Ghost stickers!  To people I don't even know!  Thank you!
Which reminds me, Zazzle's having some kind of St. Patrick's sale where shirts and buttons are 30% off, and everything else is 15% off.  That applies to my stuff as well!  The sale ENDS TOMORROW, so if you've been on the fence about buying some merch (and supporting my comic) now is the time to buy stuff!  After you make a purchase, use this discount code: STPATS30DEAL
Combined with the fact that I recently slashed all the prices... I mean, c'mon.