Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I have returned from my Pilgrimage.  Thanks for your patience while I took the week off!  I hope today's strip finds you well.  I haven't featured Amazona, the women's P.E. teacher, too heavily, so I thought it was due time to give her a moment to shine.

We had an amazing time in the Smokys (which is apparently how it's spelled).  If you want to see some pics, I put some up on my Tweeter.  I loved everything about the area we stayed in, but it was just slightly not awesome enough to justify my running off into the mountains, never to be seen or heard from again.  Mainly, I think my knees would eventually get destroyed from all those inclines and declines.  But that was it, though; literally the only thing about the region that didn't put me in "immediate relocation mode" was the fear of knee-pain. I'm becoming a formidable hiker, but I prefer my hikes to be a little more horizontal.  That, and I'd like to grow the majority of my own food one day, and doing so in that part of the Smokys would be next to impossible.
Everything else, though?  Was amazing.  It was wonderful getting to spend so much time with my wife and kid and my parents, and the area was even more beautiful than I allowed myself to imagine.  Those mountains were alive in every conceivable way.  Those forests and creeks and rivers are exactly what I need in my life.  The trip back "home" was not an easy one.