Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Apparently, Chapter 4 is all about everybody being angry with everybody else.  Aiden's angry with his mom, Time Lass ,Breakdown and Raine are all angry with Aiden, and Mr. Walters still despises SuperDude.  There are some rivalries a-brewing.  

Raine and Justice are polar opposites, and their rivalry is mirrored by the rivalry still felt by the Dark Avenger (Mr. Walters) toward SuperDude, Justice's father.  Coincidentally, Mr. Walters has already taken a keen interest in Raine.
Justice may go out of her way to behave nothing like her father, but that doesn't change the fact she was born the most powerful girl in the world and can't help but be perfect in almost every way.  Raine has had to work hard to be what she's become.  Despite having a dipshit for a father, Justice has had it pretty easy.  Raine... has not.