Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I'm posting this one early because tomorrow morning I'm taking the Saturn in for car repairs.  Joy.  Not only is there a recall on the ignition switch (apparently it likes to turn off while you're driving), but I'm having mysterious engine overheating issues that can only mean one thing: all my money.

Regardless (or irregardless?), I'm happy with how this strip turned out.  The Commander is a blast to write for.  Now I'm thinking someday, down the road, Vampire Lenin and RoboMussolini might have to make a comeback.

So, hey, if you feel inclined to help me keep my POS car running for a couple more years, I'll direct your attention to my book for sale, and also my merchandise.  As always, if there's some merch you'd like to see, let me know, and I can probably whip it up for you.

Also, I'd love some feedback on this strip, so feel free to comment.