Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yeah, so Skyrim is taking up a good deal of my awake-time.  I've already put like 25 hours into the game, instead of, you know, sleeping.  I decided that my tiger-ninja is going to avoid the plot of the game entirely and try to get in good with the Thieves' Guild and the Dark Brotherhood of assassins instead.  Besides, the moral ambiguity of the plot stuff is disconcerting.  I thought it would be a good idea to join up with the rebellion, only to find out that most everyone in the rebellion are bigots, and not exactly fond of tiger-ninjas walking around their city.  And I was going to do the right thing and see what this "dragonborn" business was all about, but they're all like, "Hey, here's some new powers.  You like those?  Cool.  Now, go quest on the other side of the country for some magical horn in some giant underground burial site or something, and I'm like, "All the way over there?  Um.  Nah.  I think I'm just going to go back to robbing you blind, if that's okay with you."

Today's strip introduces Daemon, a character I've been drawing and has been relatively unchanged nearly as long as I've been drawing Raine.  So, like, nineteen years.  Fuck.  
My wife says my most current incarnation of Daemon looks a lot like me, and I'd have to agree.  Every writer injects some of himself in his or her characters, and Daemon is, if anything, definitely representative of my secret aspirations to be a mysterious world-wandering drunk.

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