Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Maybe there should be some sort of celebration.  This week is strip #50.  I figure, being a landmark of sorts, it was time to finally reveal Aiden's "superpower."

I still don't have much support for the comic (and even less exposure after I sabotaged myself on Facebook), but I want to take the time again to thank the loyal few of you who have been supporting me since the beginning.

Super U., or something very like it, is my passion.  It's what I want to do until I'm too senile not to, and maybe not even then.  And I want to do more than what I have been doing, but I can't make this a reality without you.  
I believe that it's most important to do what you love, regardless of how much money it makes you.  Money's nice, but happiness is nicer.  It sounds cliche', I know, but life is short.  Even shorter than it seems to people who say things like "life is short."  Why spend it being miserable, doing something you hate just because it brings home a paycheck?  I say better to do what you love, and most importantly master it, and maybe, just maybe, you'll find yourself making a profit.

I've been taking steps with the artwork of the strip to make it more closely resemble my hand-drawn artwork.  You'll probably notice it the most strongly in the first panel.  Again, I do draw every strip out on paper first, then I scan it, then "ink" it and color it in Illustrator. But I hadn't been able to determine what I was doing during that process that was making the final result look more like... something else.  Granted, I had been trying to find ways to keep things loose and more cartoon-y than what might be considered my "style," but that was mostly to make it a reality for me that I could pump one or more of these out every week.  I've gotten feedback, though, from a couple of you that you don't like this.  So, let me know how you feel about the way the art is evolving.

I got Playstation Network card form my parents for Christmas, and so I now am finally playing the Mass Effect Trilogy.  I'd been avoiding it because part one wasn't available on the PS3.  Now the whole trilogy is available for digital download for the price of one new game.  
I'm already on part two, and while I'm thoroughly enjoying the change of atmosphere from the first game and the difficult moral choices it presents, I am beginning to have the sneaking suspicion that I'm fucking up somehow.  For one, Mass Effect 2 likes to throw these split-second decisions at you when you're comfortably watching a cut-scene.  You have to hit the L2 or R2 to perform a conversation-altering "good" or "bad" action, which is neat, but I keep fucking missing them, and I'm beginning to feel like missing these is deterring me from crafting the storyline I'm trying to create.
And the other thing; amid all the space-chaos, I understand there's supposed to be the chance for romance in these games.  Unfortunately, I'm beginning to understand my Commander Shepard is just incapable of loving and being loved.  It's very sad.  Her sense of duty is too strong, her standards too high.
The entirety of the game so far has been spent in the employ of a shady group that, in the previous game, my character was handily dealing out hard justice to.  I'm hoping, really hoping , this time around they turn out to be just as evil as they were in Mass Effect the first, so I can do justice on them again, taking a few of their employees and their best toys with me.

Yes, I realize this game is almost three years old.  It's new to me, dammit.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the "strip" this week (haha), and please, for the love of all that is good left in the world, share and like my comic.  Do you see a Facebook "like" or "share" button anywhere associated with my comic?  Have you clicked on those buttons?  I would like you to if you haven't.

Yes, Jason, you were right.