Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Reason

This week I'm continuing the origin story theme.  Raine is a very serious character in an otherwise silly world.  When I decided to take my "universe" in a satirical direction for the webcomic, it was hard to imagine the world with Raine in it.  But then I realized, of course, a straight-man (or straight-woman as the case may be) was crucial, even if the straight-woman in this case is a humorless gladiophile. 
You also get a sneak peak that shows maybe Raine can do more than just kick butt and swing a sword...

Before Super U., Raine was a vigilante.  In fact, her tuition was paid in full, in cash, much of which was "procured" from the various criminals she maimed.  She's never been the "take the bad guys to jail" sort of superhero.  She's more the "chop your hand off, good luck making it to the hospital, buddy" sort of superhero.  Is that even a superhero?  I'm not sure.
Then again, juxtaposed against the "heroic" qualities of some her classmates, maybe she fits right in, after all.

Raine came to Super U. for one reason and one reason only: to improve herself as a warrior.  She came to learn discipline and control, and to broaden her skill set.
She's been rather upset with how things have turned out so far.