Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Caged Birdo

This week's strip is going to end up, by coincidence, going along nicely with next week's Saturday Super Story.  Well, mostly be coincidence.  I did actually write a small part of next week's story.  Jason's done a great job of tying things together and developing a background for the Super U-niverse, and next week's story actually leads right into the very first Super U. strip.  I'd insert a hyperlink there, but no.  There's an Archive menu right over there.

I had an episode.  My game froze while playing Mass Effect 2 (I was very nearly done with the game), and when all was said and done all of my save data got corrupted.  I had to start over.  I wasn't completely enraged, however.  Now, at least, I had the chance to watch for all the potentially story-changing quick-decision button-pressing that I had missed the first time around.  
Turns out, even with those, my Commander Shepard is still pretty much unromanceable / unable to find love that meets her high standards.  Maybe that will change in Mass Effect 3, but probably not.  Either way, she's a badass while maintaining a strong moral code, and I really enjoy the character I'm helping to create.  Also, Jennifer Hale's voice-acting has been top-notch since the beginning.

I've just started 3, but so far I still strongly recommend you buy the whole trilogy.  I got all three on the PS store for sixty dollars, which is a steal considering part 3 alone was sixty dollars only a few months ago.  I understand there was some outcry over the ending of the game.  Even so, I doubt I will change my recommendation once I've completed it.

The part that I find the most interesting is that the events in 3, at least in the beginning, seem very strongly effected by choices I made in the DLC I picked up for 2.  Now I'm extremely curious... would the beginning of this game be at all like it is if I hadn't bought that DLC?  I may just have to start at the beginning again, once this is all over, and find out.

This, my friends, is why I find games superior to movies and television.  As games like Mass Effect become more and more prevalent,  we will find ourselves crafting our own stories and characters and universes with the tools provided to us by the game developers.  Doesn't that sound infinitely more interesting than being subjected to a thing you have no control over, interspersed with commercials?