Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Exchange

Sorry, brief bitching-session upcoming.  I'm going to post the comic first, before I invite you to the pity party.

It was tough scrounging up the motivation to finish the strip this week.  Anyone reading this has probably been supporting me from the beginning, and I appreciate that to no end.

The problem is... well, let me give you an example.  Every Wednesday, Facebook sends me an activity report.  On a given week, an average of  5 to 8 people total either Like or Share the links (both for the strip and the Saturday Super Stories combined).  In all likelihood, those people mostly consist of my close family and a couple friends.  Now, this week, for example, the links reached a combined total of 70 people, which is actually somewhat low in comparison to previous weeks.  But let's use that as an average.  So, on any given week, 62 to 65 people see the link and say, "meh, this does not have pictures of cats," and they ignore it.

I don't have anyone to blame anyone for this but myself.  The problem must be that either my comic sucks, or I'm doing something wrong to promote it.  Though promotion is something I really need to invest further in (as in, spend money), I'm going to have to lean toward the first option, because most of my "best friends" don't even read it.

I'm just going to stop there, because everything I try to follow that up with becomes even more negative,

Anyway.  I'd like to follow up on that with something more uplifting, but I got nothin'.  Hope you enjoy the strip this week.  Got some good stuff lined up.