Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Happy Holidays, and New Year and stuff!  My Christmas was pretty good.  Being broke and unemployed, I couldn't really afford to get anyone anything, so I don't really deserve the stuff that I got.  
Incidentally, did you know Super U. has merchandise for sale?

We kept it low-key again this year.  I was invited once again by my brother-in-law's sister's family, and while I appreciate the offer immensely, there's just something not right about spending Christmas with your sister's husband's sister's husband's family.  I mean, I'm not even the fifth wheel there, I'm the flat doughnut in the trunk.

I also don't go overboard with presents for my kid and keep things as simple as possible (so her expectations remain low).  Two years ago we attended the aforementioned Christmas party, and my kid was showered with gifts.  You know, that point where the kids stop appreciating what they're being given and just toss things over their shoulder to tear into the next gift?  I almost avoided that this year.  Almost.  We got together with my sister after Christmas to have a mini-celebration and exchange gifts, and she had waiting for my kid there all the stuff those people had bought her.  Part of me thought, man, how nice of them to get her presents... they hardly know her, and we didn't even show up!  But the other part of me thought, great.  She's going to start expecting this every year, and sure enough she managed to hit that point when she stopped even paying attention to the gifts she was opening.

Anyway, I'll stop before I go on a tangent about how much the holidays bum me out.  I'm sure most of you feel the same this time of year.

So!  Only three strips to go before the end of this chapter!  After that, I'll take a bit of time to write up some ideas for the next Chapter, and I'll be re-visiting the Super U. merchandise.  Expect some after-Christmas price drops!  There's also a few minor changes I want to see to concerning the site.  The Walters Files have gotten so extensive now, I want to separate the students from the faculty, and give them their own sections.  And, like I said before, this may be a good time to look into getting a new site entirely.

Last but not least, be sure to catch up on the Saturday Super Stories, written by my friend Jason, for they offer insight into the origins of the Super U-niverse.